3 Travel Credit Cards and Their Perks

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When I fly home to Charleston, I would rent a vehicle to get around and my folks. I would often get to the counter and the receptionist would give me this entire spill on car insurance, car protection, and other things suggested to protect the vehicle while I’m in possession of it. After she gives me the rundown, she would tell me the total cost of the rental and it would be like $100.00 added to my total. I would politely turn it down because my credit cards have built-in insurance and some other neat perks.

Having a credit card is one thing, but using the credit card to its fullest potential is the goal. It is very important that you read all of the fine print so that your credit card works for you. I have three main travel cards:

Luxury Card (Black Card)

Chase Sapphire Preferred (My favorite)

Southwest Rapid Rewards Card (Least Favorite)

All of these cards are used for a certain type of travel. My Black Card powered by Master Card is for my upscale and more expensive. This card gets me:

  • Steep yearly fee
  • $100 Global Entry Application Fee Credit
  • Priority Pass into Airport lounges around the world
  • Global luggage delivery where I can send my items ahead of time

Next is my Chase Sapphire Preferred. I LOVE this card, with signing up and spending $3,000 in the first three months of usage, I had 50,000 to secure a free plane ticket to Europe. This card gets me:

  • Moderate yearly fee
  • Purchase and travel coverage
  • 2X the points on travel and food purchases
  • Auto Rental Collision Damage coverage
  • 25% more in travel redemption when booking through the Chase site

The Southwest Rapid Reward Premiere Card is my least favorite reward card to have. This card is very basic and you only get benefits when using your card to make Southwest purchases and purchases with their partners. But let’s be honest, if you’re a heavy domestic traveler then this card would work in your favor. This card offers:

  • Moderate yearly fee
  • 2X the points on $1 spent on Southwest Airline flights and their hotels and rental car partners
  • 6,000 anniversary points for being a cardmember
  • 1 point per $1 spent on anything else

In conclusion, if you’re considering securing a travel credit card be sure that it will pay you back for your travel. It is very important to pay off your balance as much as you can each month, but preferably in full. Once you start incurring a lot of interests, you begin to lose the value of the perks. I hope these suggestions help you answer the questions if you are looking for a credit card.

If you’re considering securing the Chase Sapphire Preferred, you won’t be disappointed. To prove it you, here is a personalized link to secure one if you’re interested.



Guest Blogger:

Anita Mitchell | Creator of Travel Is D’new Black

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  • Catherine on

    I never even knew there we’re so many perks in addition to just the credit card

  • Stephanie J on

    This definitely gave me something to think about. I have heard good things about the Southwest Rewards credit card, but it is helpful to remember that I do have other options out there. Thanks, Anita!

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