4 Underrated Islands With More Than Great Beaches

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Are you getting tired of scrolling Instagram and seeing the same places when looking at tropical getaways? Typically, you will see Jamaica, Aruba, and the Bahamas over and over again. They are great islands but sometimes you want to switch it up and see something different. Well, I am about to introduce you to 4 islands that you should consider the next time you're in need of some sun or a great nature adventure on an island. Don't be surprised if you've never heard of these places before, I'm letting you in on the secret before they become too popular and too expensive.

1. Martinique

Martinique is a French overseas territory in the Caribbean region, located between St. Lucia and Dominica. Martinique is a concentrate of diversity and fun surprises that will make your stay unforgettable. You'll get beautiful beaches (with options of white and black sands), a rich Caribbean culture influenced by its mix of African, French European, Indian, Chinese and even middle eastern influences. While you are there expect really awesome outdoors experiences such as hiking the Mount Pelée volcano or dipping in the river of Grand Riviere. The most awesome part is that Norwegian Airlines has been making access to the island much more affordable from the US with flights as low as $79 one-way! #Winning

2. The Canary Islands

The Canary Islands are probably one of the only places on earth where you can find a mix of a European city feel with some island vibes and Spanish culture. Located across from Morocco and just a 2h40 flight away from Spain, you can pick your flavor among the 7 islands according to what you want this vacation to be about. Grand Canaria or Tenerife is great for an access to the city life while also getting to exploring the outdoors and beaches. Or you can head to Lanzarote, an island that will make you feel like you've landed on Mars. You will be surrounded by the lava and underground tunnels that its many volcanoes left behind, and you will probably get to enjoy the beach and most of the outdoors alone because there aren't many people there. That one is great for time off the grid.

3. Reunion Island

Where in the world is that you may ask? Reunion is another French overseas territory located in the Indian Ocean, to the east of Madagascar (you might want to go there while you're at it). It is the perfect getaway for the outdoor adventure lovers, and the landscapes there will blow your mind. With volcanos climbing as high as 8,635 feet for La Fournaise and 10,000+ feet for le Piton Des Neiges, Reunion will take you to new heights in your travel life and impress you with its diversity of landscapes that are often accessible by car if you're not feeling the whole hiking thing. Speaking of diversity, Reunion has a population made of descendants of Malagasy, East African, Chinese, Indian, and European people, which has created a very interesting mix of culture that you will get to experience through its people, food, and the arts. There is no way to be bored out there!

4. New Caledonia

Last but not least is this French archipelago located east of Australia in the Pacific Ocean. New Caledonia is made of la Grande Terre, the biggest island, and 6 other tiny islands around it that each bring their own unique gifts to visitors. Grande Terre is great for a road trip where you'll get to see a mix of beautiful valleys, forests, mountains, and beaches (definitely check out the Parc Des Grandes Fougeres). And once you're done with that, you can head to the Loyalty Islands where you'll get to enjoy the most breathtaking beaches and taste their famous Coconut crab that really tastes like coconut. New Caledonia is also the home of the Kanak people of Melanesian origins who have been there for 4,000+ years! They have an amazing culture with the deep ancestral knowledge that they'll be happy to share with you.

Now that you're aware of these new options, go ahead and create your own adventure in one of these beautiful and super underrated islands while everyone else is still hanging out on the crowded beaches of the Phi Phi islands. You're welcome! 


Guest Blogger: Florence Turiaf. Be sure to visit her Instagram page @Florenceturiaf and her Youtube page!

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