5 Easy Trips to Take With Your Parents Now That You’re Grown

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Making it to 30 is a blessing. At this point, you are in another level of life, which comes with an understanding of self and hopefully more disposable income. One of the great things that come with age is you start to appreciate and love your parents on a new level, making adulthood the best time to travel with your parents. Giving the gift of travel to your parents can be a great thing, especially since they no longer will accept macaroni art on birthdays.


As an adult, traveling with your parents is something that is only understandable after you have done it. You are able to connect with your parents in new ways and sometimes they might actually start to see you as an independent adult with your own thoughts and opinions. Instead of forced road trips to see extended family, you can sip champagne with your dad in the airport lounge as you prepare to travel. Here are 5 domestic trips that are perfect to take with your mom and dad.



  1. Phoenix, AZ

Phoenix is perfect for a golf trip with dad or a relaxing resort getaway with mom. With affordable resorts, pools for days, Sedona wineries, and world-class golf, Phoenix is the perfect desert escapade. Not the mention, the cost of living in Phoenix is pretty low so Phoenix is an affordable trip. If you have the time, you can always pack up the car and head to the Grand Canyon. The drive is only 3 and half hours, but the views are pretty amazing. Once there, the Grand Canyon is unmatched as far as scenery goes. If you have seen pictures, the actual views will surpass your expectations.


  1. Philadelphia, PA

My dad and I had an amazing time in Philly during 4th of July Philly Jam festival. Philly funk soul will provide ample entertainment for your parents, while its art and history will tickle your senses. Be sure to check out the Philadelphia Museum of Art to soak up all the art culture Philly has to offer. Philadelphia has a rich American history background, so if you are a history buff make a stop at the Liberty Bell and Independence Hall. You may have had your share of Philly Cheesesteaks in your hometown but getting one in the actual city is a must. Lastly, take a picture with your parents in front of the infamous LOVE sign.


  1. Savannah, GA

This southern city has the perfect amount of charm for a trip with mom. Enjoy the warm air as you stroll along the river and drink a cold beer. River Street provides you with great scenery as you stroll along the cobblestone roads. You and your parents will both get a thrill out of a historic ghost tour. Savannah is known as one of the most haunted cities in the south. While you are there, you have to make sure to get some southern eats as Savannah boasts some of the best seafood and southern cuisine. Our Editor-In-Chief was born in the city and visits frequently.


  1. Aspen, CO

After learning to ski this year, I am dying to take my dad to Aspen. It has the perfect snowy outdoor setting for hiking, skiing, and exploring. This place is the perfect mix of relaxing and cool. You do not have to know how to ski before going as you can find many people willing to teach you once you arrive. Ski resorts offer a wide array of slopes that range from beginners to experts. Do not be embarrassed to stay on the bunny slopes because nobody wants to get injured on a vacation. If skiing is not your thing, ski resorts typically offer other activities. Aspen has many activities in nature and some great shopping experiences.


  1. Napa, CA

Because both my mother and I love wine, I know that Napa is perfect for a trip for just the two of us. With the sprawling wineries and its proximity to San Francisco, Napa is ideal for a taste of the California sun. The weather is usually tolerable in Napa Valley so you can pretty much take this trip anytime. Each season gives you something different to see and experience. August through October is harvest season and after you get to see the changing of the leaves. The community always has plenty of festivals and wineries for you to enjoy. If it does not work for you, pack up the car and make the trip to San Francisco.

 Guest Blogger: LaTwyla Mathias


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  • Aeisha on

    Sharing traveling experiences with my parents is something I’m looking forward to in this next chapter in my life. Next year, my family and I are planning a trip to Belize. I’m looking forward to taking in the culture and exploring food with my dad, as we currently bond with cooking now.

  • John Strong on

    I have the best of times when I can get someone to travel who never has.

  • Kierra on

    Definitely need to make it to Philly for the 4th, sounds like the ideal summer trip for me and my mom.

  • Alaitra on

    First off, you were spot on about Savannah, GA! I was born and raised from that area. Also, traveling with your parents is a bonding experience people rarely get to do. While visiting oversees with my mom in Dubai, she taught me so much I needed to know about the country, in very little time. She was my personal tour guide, over protective mommy, and travel partner all in one! Take advantage of traveling with your parents. They know more than what you think!

  • Jetsetter on

    Great advice, I agree totally when becoming an independent adult family trips are more enjoyable. Very useful tips when planning the next family vacation. Thanx!

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