5 Mini Trips to Take This Weekend

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The fact that millennials don’t work as hard as other generations is a myth. In fact, we work so hard that we rarely use any of our vacation time. For some, this is intentional to save up for larger trips but for the vast majority will continue to stack days until we leave the job and cash them out. It is completely understandable that life gets busy and it is not always possible to get away for an extended period of time. This does not mean you cannot take a vacation over the weekend! Here are 3 quick, inexpensive mini trips that you can take this weekend.

Mini Trip Option One: The Farmers’ / Flea Market

Going to a farmer’s or flea market is one of the most adventurous excursions you can take on short notice. The adventure is always in finding the unexpected. As a vinyl collector, I am a huge flea market fan. Unique, one of a kind pieces are just waiting for you to scoop them up.

Farmers’ markets are my favorite for the discounted vegetables and the jam. Do not sleep on farmers’ market jam! When I lived in Durham, NC, I would hit up the Farmers’ Market specifically for the homemade jam.  If you are a frequent flyer of your hometown flea and farmers’ markets, take a short road trip to the neighboring town to check out their markets. Be sure to make sure room in your car for all of your discounted treasures and fresh fruit!

Mini Trip Option Two: The Body of Water

It is getting hot! Like hot enough to don your best summer outfit and find the nearest body of water. Whether that is a lake, a pool, a river, or the ocean. Whether it is in your backyard or an hour away, this is a trip that can happen ASAP. No matter where you are, there is a nearby pool with your name on it. Call up your local hotel or spa for a day pass or check out the water fall at the nearest National Park. Take a dinner cruise on the lake or go tubing down the river. With temperatures rising, why not? One of my favorite bodies of water to visit is the Saluda River in Columbia, SC. It is perfect to take a picnic and watch the water or to put on a suit and jump in.

Mini Trip Option Three: The Theme Park

The beauty of traveling is that it suits the thrill seekers and the lackadaisical. This is also true of theme parks! If you want to ride heart-pounding roller coasters then it’s for you. If you like strolling around playing carnival games then it’s for you too. The best part is that theme parks are literally everywhere. Win your boo a stuffed animal or throw on your swimsuit and hit up the water park (see mini trip two). In DC, my absolute favorite thing to do is go-kart race against my brother. It is one of the best stress relievers on earth. We go to this small go-kart track right outside of the city and it is incredibly cheap! Sometimes we forget how fun these places can be which is why you should be planning your trip right now!

Mini Trip Option Four: Historical Sites

Each and every town has a history. Whether its Black Wall Street or a stop on the Underground Railroad, it is important to know what rich history that your town (or a neighboring town) has to offer. I’ll never forget the day trip me and my grandmother took last summer to Beaufort, SC to visit with our distant cousin. She showed us all around Beaufort and they shared stories about the history of our family. It was an incredible day. Explore local historical sites with your parents. There are numerous museums, houses, art and history just waiting to be explored. My favorite historical sites to visit is the US Capitol in Washington, DC. The columns and the architecture always fascinate me with their beauty.

Mini Trip Option Five: The Outlet Mall

I know that regular shopping malls are a dying breed. The majority of my shopping is done online and as a city dweller it takes a dedicated effort to make it to the mall. Outlet malls are unique in the way that they are large, they offer huge discounts, and they are off the beaten path. One of my favorite things to do in college was go with one of my good friends to the outlets and just indulge in the sales. Tanger Outlet is one of my favorites because even though they have multiple locations, each location has a different variety of stores, making each experience unique. Call up your best girlfriend and make a day of revving up your summer wardrobe.

The best part about all of these options is that you can do them fairly inexpensively and with little notice. It’s the little escapes that make life bearable throughout the week. Now you have no excuse to prevent you from stepping outside of your comfort zone. Stop living in the “should” and go for it. We cannot wait to see your mini vacay adventures. Please be sure to share your travel pics with us by using the hashtag #blackandwelltraveled on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.

Be sure to comment below with your experiences!

By LaTwyla Mathias

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