7 Things To Keep In Your Carry-On Luggage

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The art of packing your carry-on luggage has almost become as essential as packing the bags you will check. Airlines have become notorious for losing luggage and items coming up missing so a guaranteed way to keep everything safe is to bring it in your carry-on luggage. Also, there are comfort items you want in your carry-on luggage. The longer the flight you are on, the better you have to pack your carry on because you do not want to find yourself without something very important with 7 hours of flight time left. Here are a few things you should always have on your flight, whether it is a short flight to the next state or a long international flight across the world.


  1. Anything of value


            Every vacation requires something different so sometimes you have to pack valuables to bring with you. Maybe, you have an expensive pair of shoes or jewelry that would work perfectly for an event. I would suggest keeping those things in your carry on so you can keep a close watch on them. All electronics will be safer in your carry-on luggage because it protects them from not only getting lost but also damaged. Your bag receives a fair amount of abuse along the way and your electronics can easily break while traveling in your checked luggage. Airlines have insurance but the claim takes forever and the process can be very overwhelming. Your set of keys is best to be left with a neighbor or a friend. After traveling for days, the only thing you want to do is come home to your own bed and shower but if you lost your keys it puts that on hold.


  1. Cash


         Cash is always king when traveling. Everywhere takes cash but not everywhere will accept what kind of card you are using. In the event that your bank or credit card shuts down, having cash will be a lifesaver until everything is sorted out. Putting a travel notice does not always work and sometimes your card still shut down for security reasons. I was in Miami and my card was frozen because of security reasons and scrambling to get cash was a huge problem. You do not want to be stuck in a foreign country with no access to your funds. Also, having cash on you is always better because ATM and international fees can really add up and put a dent in your travel budget.


  1. Chargers


            Most airplanes come equipped with a USB port and a traditional outlet for all of your electronics. It is always best to have all of your devices fully charged while traveling. When you get off the plane, you may have to access important information on your devices, so you do not want a dead phone. If your trip has a layover, it is a great idea to try and charge on the plane because sometimes an outlet can be a challenge to find in less modern airports. Even in modern airports, other people are using all the outlets. When traveling internationally, do your research on what type of converter you will need to charge your devices. Bring the converter along with you for layovers since the outlets will not work for your devices. They usually sell them in the airports so do not stress if you do not already have one. During a layover in Turkey, I was the only person amongst my friends to have an international converter. By the end of getting on the shuttle and making it to our hotel room, all of our phones were almost dead. Sharing one converter among 5 people is never wise when you are in a foreign country.


  1. Medicine/Vitamins


         I travel pretty often and it always surprises people when they find out I have a really bad fear of flying. Packing some sort of sleeping medication has become essential to making my flight much smoother. Packing sleeping medication is always good because sleeping on a plane can be very uncomfortable and sometimes getting sleep can be a struggle. Sleeping medication makes sleeping just a little easier and you will need all the rest you can get before you land. On long international trips, sometimes you wake up and it is another day so jetlag will begin to set in. Getting as much sleep on the plane as possible can help combat jetlag as you could have possibly started to set your body on new time. Not to mention, a long flight can get really boring and sleep helps pass the time. Traveling can be a real pain on your body so packing some sort of pain reliever is great in the event you start to feel the pain from being in an uncomfortable seat for hours. Also, it is great to keep your immune health up so vitamin C is great to keep you healthy all trip. The last thing you want to do during vacation is fight through sickness.


  1. Socks


         Wearing flip-flops or sandals is not recommended on flights because of medical reasons but you cannot deny the comfort they bring you. Bringing a pair of socks are great from keeping your feet warm, plus when you have to remove your shoes for TSA you do not want to walk on the airport floor while barefoot. Compression socks are recommended for all flights, especially long international flights. Every long flight I have ever been on there has been a call for a doctor on board because a passenger did not wear compression socks or get up to walk around. During my trip to Abu Dhabi, my friend’s feet had swollen for most of the first day we were there so we missed a half day of exploring to remedy her feet. Compression socks keep your feet warm and help avoid what could be a really serious medical emergency.


  1. Hygiene Products


         Many airlines will provide you with a bag for some of the hygiene products you will desperately need during a long flight. But being an adult, you know what products work best for you and your body so it is best to pack them on your own. After flying for many hours, grooming yourself is essential to staying fresh and feeling better during your flight. After flying for 13 hours, you definitely would want to refresh on your deodorant and brush your teeth again. Hygiene products are also good if you have a layover. Layovers vary in length of time and airport quality. I have had layovers for hours in some pretty filthy airports, and before flying another few hours, I wanted to make sure I felt clean again.


  1. Change of Clothes


         Arriving without your luggage is a disaster and it makes it even worse when there are no places to find a change of clothes or undergarments. During my trip to Dubai, we were halfway over the Atlantic Ocean when a medical emergency caused us to turn around and make a landing in Gander, Canada. I am not sure where that is on the map but I am sure it is nowhere near Dubai. After spending a few hours in Gander, it became impossible to catch our connecting flight in Istanbul. When we finally arrived in Istanbul they informed us that we would have to catch a flight the following evening and would not get our luggage until we arrive in Dubai. It was already late at night so by the time we got to our hotel, there was nowhere to go out and buy a change of clothes. I had to spend over 24 hours in the same clothing but luckily I had a few hygiene products to help me get through it.

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