Airport Lounges: How to Get Beyond the Velvet Ropes Without Credit Cards or Miles

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Airport lounges are seen as these exclusive clubs that we can only get into in our golden years of retirement or if we travel full time. Thanks to technology, and airports wanting to monetize access to these lounges, we can purchase access into these exclusive retreats. Here is the rundown of the three ways to get into an airport lounge without using miles or credit cards.



This app allows you to purchase a one-time day pass to lounges around the world. The app syncs with your trip details through TripIt and alerts you to which lounges you already have access to with your ticket.   The best part of LoungeBuddy is that no membership is required! Prices vary on each lounge.


Priority Pass

This app requires a yearly membership and a flat fee every time you enter a lounge. This is a great app for frequent travelers. The best part of Priority Pass is all lounges are one fee. If you’re lucky, you can catch a deal on the membership fee!


Lounge Pass

This website allows you to purchase a one-time day pass to lounges. It is the same company as Priority Pass and has a similar network of lounges to choose from. This option has fewer lounges than Priority Pass but is still a great option if you travel only once or twice a year and don’t want the membership commitment. Prices vary on each lounge.


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Guest Blogger: LaTwyla Mathias | @southern_sophisticate

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  • Stephanie r on

    I travel for work a lot and I use LoungeBuddy. Great app for getting into the comforts of airport lounges.

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