Always Pack A Change Of Clothes In Your Carry-on

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Packing your carry-on luggage is essential when going on a flight, and the necessity increases if it is a long flight. If you spend 13 hours on a flight, your carry-on luggage has to have everything you could possibly need. One key thing I always encourage people to pack is a change of clothes or at least a change of underwear and socks. Sometimes packing a full outfit can be challenging when your carry-on is already pretty full, but try your best to squeeze in a change of underwear and socks.


On my trip to Dubai, I was halfway over the Atlantic Ocean when a passenger had a medical emergency. The plane turned around and flew back 3 hours before landing in Gander, Canada (good luck finding that on a map).   After spending a considerable amount of time, at what looked like an abandoned airport, it became pretty clear I was going to miss my connecting flight in Istanbul. After hours in Gander, we finally continued the flight and eventually arrived in Istanbul.


We were not able to catch our connecting flight but our luggage did. The only thing I had for a whole day in Istanbul was whatever was in my carry-on luggage, and I did not have a change of clothes. It was so late at night that none of the stores were open and after flying for half a day, I was stuck in the same clothing for the rest of the night. When the morning finally arrived, I had to spend the first part of the day tracking down a change of clothing. It sounds easy, but it is a little more challenging when you are in a foreign country. I missed out on some valuable exploring time while tracking down some new underwear but the adventure was worth it. 


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  • Minnie on

    Keeping a change of clothing is a must, especially for international flights with long layovers. After 6+ hours in the aired paired with a 10 hr layover you’re definitely gonna want a fresh change of clothes to finish the other half of the trip. I stick to active wear since it’s typically less bulky.

  • Cal on

    I keep a change of clothes in my backpack, even when I am on road trips, so I won’t have to rumble through my luggage if I decide to check into a hotel at the last minute. Great advice!

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