Everyone Cannot Go: Why You Cannot Vacation With Everyone

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There is nothing more exciting than starting a group text to begin planning a trip. Everyone throws out ideas, locations, and activities that are most suited for them and the rest should be history, right? Well not necessarily, people are notorious for trying to get a solid trip together and everyone does not follow through to the end. After weeks of research, cost breakdowns, and emails friends begin to back out of the trip for whatever reason. Some may have true emergencies, jobs that require them to be all hands-on deck for that next assignment, and some well, they truly had no intentions of going but were really excited about the idea. If you start out with 10 friends who are excited about the trip, it will be dwindled down to at least 5 before the trip.

Sometimes, we take a trip with the squad and the trip is almost ruined because you choose to go with someone who is not open-minded and was not prepared for the cost of the true travel experience. I have many travel buddies, and through a few experiences, I am now selective of who I travel with and for really good reasons. You have to be sure you speak to everyone about his or her intentions and interests before the trip. I do not care how many friends want to go skydiving, it is not happening for me. After certain experiences, I will never travel with certain people again and I accepted the simple fact that “everyone cannot go.”

I take travel very seriously, the time it takes to research and save, is time that you can not get back. So, I take the time to ensure that I have:

  • Annual leave;
  • Locations/activities selected and;

You have your friends who back out of travel because they simply do not have the funds available to embark on this trip with you, and that is totally ok. Far too often, we have done research and presented the most cost-effective option to the group and you all end up canceling the trip because, after all of that talk, they did not have the funds to go. This is ok, but do not wait until the last minute to let people know you cannot go.

But why didn’t you take the leap and go alone? Was it because you didn’t feel safe at the destination that you took all of that time researching? Was it because there was no one there to take those dope photos of you to post on the gram? Sigh. Do not let other peoples poor planning and their life priorities stop you from embarking on the trip of a lifetime.

I am in many travel groups on Facebook and read posts of travelers that waited for their friends to accompany them on trips that ended up backing out anyways. They got tired of being let down and missing out on great travel deals and experiences. So, you know what they did, they began traveling SOLO!

So the next time you think about planning a trip for more than just yourself, just repeat, “everyone cannot go.”

Share your travel planning experiences below!

Guest Blogger: Anita Mitchell  www.travelisdnewblack.com @travelisd_newblack

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  • Jakayla on

    Definitely true @Anita everyone can plan a trip but everyone may not follow through. You have to make yourself happy, even if it means going alone!

  • Nicole on

    This article is spot on Antia!!!!

  • Nissey on

    @anita..I has e 4 BFF, and wvwey 2 yr we try to go on a trip, in fact next week we’ll spend a few days in Seattle then taking an Alaskan cruise. I would love to include more to our traveling group but they do t want to..I was the one that was always broke or think of the idea but when it was time to go I was excluded from my idea due to finances..so I agree with everyone else..but I understand financial circumstances too..cuz rest assured they went on with it me

  • Wayne on

    I totally agree with you Nita.

  • Global Gypsy on

    Also #everyoneshouldnotgo – I have few friends I will travel with because some folks make travelling more stressful! My travel partners know how to relax, don’t sweat the small stuff, and don’t pinch every penny. #morechampagneplease

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