Five Unlikely Things to Pack For Your Overseas Trip

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For me, knowing what to pack is always a struggle. Reading all the travel blogs can only take you so far. Packing your luggage correctly is even more important when going overseas because some things you may rely on may not be available. There are certain brands of toiletries I live by, and I know they are not available for purchase in every country. Another very important reason to pack correctly is you do not want to get overseas and have to purchase anything else. You have already spent enough money getting there. Now that I’ve learned a few things that hard way, I’m sharing 5 unlikely things to pack for your next overseas trip.



  1. A Multiport USB Wall Charger


It is known that a universal outlet adapter is a must-have for overseas travel. With a multiport USB wall charger, you can charge 5 or 6 electronics all at once. This is very important because no matter how much we try to avoid it, we need our electronics. Whether it is a camera for pictures, a phone to make calls back home, or a laptop to do work, you want all your electronics charged. A multiport is also best when sharing with friends. Nothing kills a trip faster than a dead phone and friends fighting over who gets to charge their phone first.


  1. Ziploc bag


I always bring a gallon size and a quart size Ziploc bag on vacation. Whether it’s using one to attach my phone to an airplane seat for an instant screen or keeping sand out of my valuables at the beach, Ziploc bags are crucial for trips. Ziplocs are also great for storage. Half of my luggage was once ruined by lotion spilling while traveling. I immediately had to do laundry when I arrived at my hotel, instead of relaxing or preparing to explore.


  1. Toilet paper


Some countries charge for toilet paper or don’t provide it at all. Smart travelers always bring their own, just in case. Once, in a busy European airport, I arrived to the bathroom to find no toilet paper at all. Packing toilet paper has saved me on more than one occasion.


  1. Hand fan


The alternative to a scarf is to always pack a hand fan. Whether your delayed flight gets hot or you are visiting a tropical location, packing a hand fan can be a lifesaver. Most vendors sell them, but they can get pricey, so it is best to bring your own.


  1. Mini first aid kit


Imagine scraping your knee on a beautiful Caribbean island hike only to discover your guide doesn’t have any bandages. It does not have to be huge or contain a lot of pieces, but something very simple. It can only contain the basics like bandages, gauze, and some type of alcohol pads. This can be the difference in continuing your adventure or ending it immediately over a small injury. Do yourself a favor and carry your own, it is better safe than sorry.

On your next trip, be sure to pack these unlikely items. When you get into a sticky situation, you will be glad you did!

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  • Tina Baker on

    Great tips! I never even thought about bringing toilet paper. I’m planning a trip overseas at the end of the year and this is a big lifesaver.

  • Jim H on

    I never thought about the toilet paper idea but that is wonderful advice. The hand fan is an excellent suggestion too for when I travel to tropical destinations. Thank you for this!

  • CLS on

    This is great advice. I was on an excursion in Costa Rica and had a small injury. Luckily, the guide had a small first aid kit and was able to tend to me. Without it, I would not have felt comfortable continuing my journey through the rain forest.

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